Deprofundibulibus, Margaret Ann Waddicor's collection of poems, represents her ultimate purpose to discover the the world through the language of poetry.

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DEPROFUNDIBULIBUS: My Essays and poems related to Education Philosophy and Religion Paperback – August 17, 2022

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ (August 17, 2022)

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Deprofundibulibus, Margaret Ann Waddicor's collection of poems, represents her ultimate purpose to discover the the world through the language of poetry. " Life’s Meaning " reveals poet’s intuition towards humanity :

we try with this and that
we see how all takes part
and realise that's all that we can do
to sense those others - just the few
that we can see and feel
their needs and ours entwined
in this a life as human kind


The style of Margaret Ann Waddicor in Deprofundibulibus shows the poet's imaginative power. The merit of her poems lies in the musical quality of language which can be compared with dreams

Dreams are real - real dreams come and go

their reality fluctuates - dreams deem themselves

from realms of fantasy unreal and yet when in them

they appear as real as the bed in which we lie

their vivid dramas colour the dullness of sleep

for the brain entertains itself while the rest of the body

is unconscious of existence

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?'” (George Bernard Shaw)

There are all too many fine examples of her artistry to include several, but I feel that the title poem ("Jewel of the Universe") is highly representative: 

The jewel of the universe - this blue planet

the sapphire in the crown of chance happenings

queen of the oceans - decorating her flanks

In The Myth of God  - The popularity of the genre is proved by the fact that Ann choses to write short stories to concentrate on one thematic focus, and to reveal one character’s conflict with others. Most of the short stories from the United States reveal an extraordinary power to explore the mind of the character, and the inner consciousness.

In conclusion, I would heartily recommend Deprofundibulibus to all who are looking for a reading experience that goes far beyond the boundaries of traditional poetry. Seriously the best book I've ever read. A must read !!!


Margaret Ann Waddicor: British, born in Somerset, at school in Derbyshire, Art college in Leicester, six years in adult education, painting and pottery, left for Norway and have lived here ever since, publishing two books with my friend, one on Norway in English, and one on Andalusia in Norwegian, also many articles in magazines on travel and art, specially prehistoric art. Fabric Printing and National Diploma of Design, NDD. Ran a Pottery, painting, mostly water colours, paper sculpture, painting on silk, writing and recently poetry, photography and creative photography. Played the violin and piano. Fenced for my county. On writing, I found hidden treasure chests deep in my subconscious mind that I could plunder, and that sent me into ecstasies of excitement, and this elation poured out in the form of prose or poetry. For me it isn't a calling, it is like breathing, a part of my existence expressing itself.