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So you’ve written a book and might be thinking yourself “What to do now”? Book rewards the author in  several ways. The wide review of the book will certainly establish the author's fame in the world of letters. A literary prize or a fellowship may be awarded to the artist, whose compositions will be appreciated by innumerable magazines.


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Mail two copies of your book or email a PDF of your manuscript. Our standard reviews take 5-8 weeks. Standard Book Review by Pegasus Literary (The interview of the book will be published in blog, fb. twitter and International print Journal)

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Why should an author sign up on Pegasus Literary?


Your book will be listed on our website indefinitely or until you ask us take it down.

Review will be published in International Print Journals.

Review will be on our blog, Twitter and Facebook.

You’ll get a permanent spot in our book database and a temporary advertisement on our site.

Books will be more attractive to buyers and they might become life-long fans after reading your content.



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Authors may get their book listed on Pegasus Literary for free by signing up. Books listed on Pegasus Literary get worldwide exposure and maximum visibility to 1,000+ visitors on the website. All the required details for a book to get a proper appearance like Book Cover, ISBN, Publisher and Buy now link are to be filled by the author listing the book.