Amazing book!

Amazing book!

Amazing book!

This remarkable poetry collection is charged with highly imaginative words and phrases along with with cadenced and rhythmical flow of style. Amazing book!

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Glass Houses

Copyright © Deborah L. Kelly, 2021

Published in 2021 by:

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Glass Houses by Deborah L. Kelly is one of the most powerful contemporary poetry collections. These poems aptly show profoundly imaginative power. No doubt, the poet is an adept in the intimate and convincing analysis of emotions. An intense imaginative power in these poems draws its sustenance from the poet dreaming great dreams. In the following lines, Deborah L. Kelly shows his real creative power as a great poet:

Plastic mall filled with
glittering baubles catching
the eyes of broken people;

filling the empty places;
those of longing and a gentle,
anguished sorrow which ebbs
upon their shore.

                                 (Broken People)

This remarkable  poetry collection is charged with highly imaginative words and phrases along with  with cadenced and rhythmical  flow of  style. Amazing book! This is overall a great book and I would recommend! I loved the way the book, and the poet's thoughts, were organized.

                                                                                                                                      ---ROCHAK AGARWAL

Glass Houses: Synopsis

Glass Houses is about the underbelly; the darkness of society, with threads of light woven throughout its fabric. It poetically portrays the stealth of darkness: slowly, insidiously beginning its rise to prophecy. Glass Houses brings to light all those things society frantically sweeps under the collective carpet, until one with courage jumps on the dust and bares the dark side of humanity’s Truth.

Deborah L. Kelly has been writing poetry for more than 40 years. Having begun writing poetry in her teenage years, she discovered that it helped her to cope with the conditions around her during her youth. Over the years, Deborah has written thousands of works, and began to recite and experience other aspects of the wonderful and healing world of poetry in 2010. The author of four published books of poetry, both in Canada and Internationally, Deborah always enjoys a new challenge. An award winning poet and short story writer, she lives in the beautiful forests, edging on the Land of the Midnight Sun, in Prince George, BC. It is here Deborah spends her time writing, gardening, and breathing in the delights of her beautiful grandchildren.