Road Through Worlds

Road Through Worlds

Road Through Worlds

This poetry book is very fantastic. It's a comparative analysis of a collection of top-winning and complementary poems in one book written by two of the greatest known haiku poets the world has ever known, Stoianka Boianova and her husband Minko Tanev, from Bulgaria.

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Roads Through Worlds—Such A Wonderful Twirl!

Authors: Stoianka Boianova & Minko Tanev

Country: Bulgaria

Copyright: 2021

Book Title: Road Through Worlds

Languages: English and Bulgarian

Translators: Stoianka Boianova & Minko Tanev, Bulgaria

Publisher:, Allahabad, India

Publication Year: 2021

Pages: 116

ISBN: 978-93-90202-97-3

Cost: $15.00


Reviewer: Joseph S. Spence, Sr.




This poetry book is very fantastic. It's a comparative analysis of a collection of top-winning and complementary poems in one book written by two of the greatest known haiku poets the world has ever known, Stoianka Boianova and her husband Minko Tanev, from Bulgaria. They always won simultaneous awards in poetry competitions and received the same or similar awards from poetry competitions across the spectrum. The essence of their poetic inspiration, unification, and collaboration coupled with their creative and artistic uplifting is tremendous and dramatically inspires many worldwide.


Their unique and unified collaborative practice of poetic proliferation is reverential to humanity. The graciousness they proliferate is outstanding. The poetic blending of their words invokes unity and coordination in their writing style.


For example, the essence of their united poetic approach starts this inspirational text with the poet titled, "Our Story." It's a blended mixture of two alternating stanzas by both, submitted as a collaborative poem to Konect E-ZINE,  Weekly Challenge Poetry, with the topic of, "We met in the middle of our story when the soul is tired but wise," 29 June 2020. It won first place.


Illuminated Spaces


The first part of this uplifting book of poetic verses begins with Stoianka's series of poems titled "Illuminated Spaces." The initial one starting this series is "Through The Ages." This exquisite poem graced the pages of Atunis Galaxy Anthology, an anthology of contemporary world poetry, 2021; Red Quill POEMarium, Fire of Desire, and other distinguished publications. These are some selected lines: 


            We met when God created the worlds and filled them with His love.

            Then we got lost because we were scattered in the edges of the universe.

            I've been waiting for you a thousand days and a thousand nights.

            On how many planets I've searched for you.

            When we met again, the light erupted.

            The world has expanded, and in it were Gods, you, and me!            (Page 11)

Definitely, it's undeniable that the spark of fire erupted when the galactical search ended, and two separate entities became one. Such a splendid reunion which is still burning with marvelous light erasing the darkness of night.  Galactic Loving Journey!

The following is another marvelous poem of love. It stimulates the minds of all regarding reaching the one we love, anytime and under any prevailing conditions. The title of this poem of essence is "Trajectories." It won the Blue Quill, POEMarium, Quote Poem 12, Motif: "Poetry is the art of uniting pleasure with the truth." Selected lines are as follow:

            Sunrise and sunset

            Our common orbit is remarkable among the universe

            The river goes down the hill like sinusoidal

            The stork spin in circles, and the rain falls vertically

            Lighten fall zigzagged while thoughts, emotions, and feelings turn

            Only you are in a hurry straight to me

            Blazing through obstacles to come and hug me sincerely!                (Page 14)


The essence of love permeates this poem with words of inspirational grace, stimulating both loving parties' minds, bodies, and souls to reach and hug each other with preciousness and grace! Loving Graciousness!

Indeed, honeycombs from the hive are very tasty. This poem is a rendition and beautification of such stimulating lines which follow:

            How well you speak under the honeycomb on the moon!

            Honey is dripping from your lips.

            You attract me magnetically under swarms from stars.                     (Page 16)


This poem's magnitude of loving expressions brings home the sweetness of golden kisses from precious lips with a warm embrace of wonderful and touching enticement. It also won the Gold Star from Literature Lover's Association, Contest # 86, with the topic of "Honey," from a poem up to twenty-four words. Awesome Souls!



The following poem, "After Creation," brings the melody of invaluable and exquisite whispering to tickle the ears of romance. Selected lines follow:


            We closed the doors of all lives before this one

            The urge to hurry towards each other

            The force of magnetic attraction erupted

            The Earth and the Heaven began to embrace

            The Sky descended low and enveloped the Globe

            Brilliant electric lightning flashed

            Heaven was caressing the Earth

            With the liquid core to the lava in the dance of life.              (Page 25)       


This poem is fantastic, loving, and touches the soul. The imagery speaks for itself with a thousand words.  This invaluable and flowery poem won the Appreciation Award from Poetry Planet in the Poetry Competition of 123 Words, Motif of "Dance of Life." Great Expressions!



Forms And Fluids

The second part of this fantastic poetry book of inspirational stimulation comes from Minko Tanev (МHNKO TAHEB). The first poem is titled "Heavenly Argo Reflection." It begins with reflective words of poetic inspiration, "Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words" (Edgar Allen Poe).  Selected excerpts follow:

            Breeze from Colchis brings golden tinges from

            mythical seas through the centuries. Silhouettes

            of rowers in a united rhythm with the song of the waves.

            Thracian goddess glorifies the sun over the breakwater.

            The coastline Recreates heroes.                                                         (Page 63)                       


This poem received the Red Quill Award and recognition from POEMarium: Quote-Poem: 19, with the following Motif: "Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."— Edgar Allen Poe. The poem is no less than eight lines nor more than 12 lines. Exquisite Words!

The following poem is titled "Heavenly Mythology." It highlights the essence of grace in the Lunar System of increasing love. Excerpts follow:

            The antique rose bleeds with a sun thorn in the heart                      

            I recognized the goddess of love, and a look from above

            exalted her with a lunar halo.

            I chant the sign of fire, and may God judge me with

            my heavenly drama or farce.

            About the ghostly explosions. About the nuclear tickle.

            And About the merging of Venus with Mars.                                     (Page 72)


This exciting love poem received the Red Quill Award and recognition from POEMarium: Quote Poem 19, with the following Motif: "Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."— Edgar Allen Poe. The poem is no less than eight lines nor more than 12 lines. Awesome Job!



The following poem, "A Pandemic Covid-19," is fascinating, especially in this Covid-19 delta variant era. Excerpts follow:


            A war with an invisible enemy through the Leap Year

            Without choosing old, young, striking soul's breath

            How to pass tribulations—depends on the bigness of one's heart

            We are music from times—from the celestial spheres stardust

            Older than the sun. The infinity is our fatherland.

            God be with us to save life and humanity.                                          (Page 90)



This poem won the hearts of "In Musing During A Time of Pandemikc, World Anthology, A World Anthology of Poems on Covid-19, Kenya, 2020." Additionally, it won the Certificate of Excellence in Literature, Global Literary Society, Topic—Covid-19: A Pandemic, with 40 words, and finally, a Certificate of Commitment from the World's Health Organization. This poem has proven its eloquence for such awards. "Tremendous Accomplishments"


The final poem in this most noteworthy poetry book of excellence is "Vibrations." It's written in the stanza sequencing format alternatively by Minko and Stoianka. It's a reflection of their life of love and inspiration for each other. The following are some memorable lines:



            Maybe God sent you to love me as never before, to                     love you as never before, to overfill our spaces with                  love, and to raise vibrations on Earth.


            You passed for a moment insight. Mirage almost.                                    Spectacular. And there is no way to reverberate your    ethereal steps of a goddess.


            You kissed me on the top of the hill, and the pink                             darkness enveloped us.

            From the sun, everything glows in pink.



            And all the strings in me sparkle in harmony with                          the infinite and words to sculpt you above earthly                  life and death.



            You're transparent, and I'm probably transparent.

            Mystic light is flowing through us.


            I felt the tidal wave power in your urge.

            And the dusk recognized my true face, lifted us up.


            My intuition tells - we will be together in God-chosen time                             on the Earth.



            Stellar blood-filled ours hearts—the infinitude flames in love,

            thousands of suns sparkle over us, so we don't get lost.                       (Page 117)                                                                 


This dynamic alternation sequence of lines poem won the "In  Planetary Anthology Contest—The Way We Were from Poetry Planet, 2020.  It also won the "Collaborative Cupid Award Poem from Poetry Planet 2020.




This awe-inspiring production of inspirational winning poems is an uplifting text and a must-read. It's most definitely entertaining and will enlighten the persona and aura of all readers. The authors increase an actual state of splendor for and vibrating words touching the mind, body, and soul. This husband and wife team is on the same sheet of music and singing the same song.


The incredible ink flowing from their pens mixed with diamond and gold enhances the soul in rhapsody. Their exotic proliferation is inspiring, uplifting, and stimulating to the senses, persona, and aura. They are the two greatest haiku poets I have ever known. Additionally, I don't see any in comparison or even near their level of expertise to uplift worldwide humanity with words of inspiration and endearment. One must read this awe-inspiring poetry book of insightful words of inspiration to appreciate the thoughts and words of the authors.


About the Authors


Stoianka Boianova, born in Bulgaria, March 29, 1955 near Plovdiv. She has a master's degree in Physics from the University of Plovdiv. She worked as a chief expert in the Bulgarian Metrology Institute, Sofia, in instrument measurements, created audited systems for quality control, and developed standards. She is the author of eleven books, consisting of nine poetry books, one novel, and one collection of short stories. She co-authored more than thirty editions in Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Germany, India, Japan, the USA, England, and Africa. She is also an editor of short storybooks, novels, and dictionaries. She has received numerous awards, accolades, and recognitions continuously for her worldwide literary contributions from countries and organizations worldwide.


Minko Tanev, born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, March 30, 1953. He obtained a degree in Bulgarian Philology from the University of Plovdiv. He worked at the Municipal Council for Culture; the Teacher's House of Plovdiv; the Higher Agricultural Institute; Medical University of Plovdiv; Professor of Bulgarian language for international students; newspaper Academia Medica of Plovdiv;  and the newspaper Art Club of Plovdiv as a deputy chief editor. He is an author of six poetry books; editor of over sixty poetry, prose, haiku, and tanka poetry books, some of which have won national awards. His works are translated into German, French, English, Polish, Slovak, and Serbian, and he has translated works from Russian and Armenian. He has numerous awards, accolades, and recognition for his worldwide literary contributions in uplifting and inspiring worldwide humanity.


The Reviewer


Ambassador, Professor, Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr., authored ten inspirational poetry books. He invented Epulaeryu, Seven Heaven, God's Dynamic Steps, Linking Pin Sonnet, poetry forms while studying English literature, creative writing poetry, mythology, the African Diaspora, and Japanese linguistics at the University of Wisconsin.  His writings appeared globally. He is a retired U.S. Army officer and a Goodwill Ambassador, Arkansas, USA, appointed by former USA President William Clinton. Additionally, he is a Thought Leader for Golden Key International Honour Society Academy, USA Independent Poetry Laureate, Advisor for World Parliament of English Literature-India, Global Advisor for Global Literary Society-India, Certified Lead the Change Agent for the University of Wisconsin, and tutors' poets worldwide. His poems are published in Chinese, French, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Jamaikan Patwa/Patios, Scottish Gaelic, Nigerian Yoruba, Bengali, Assam, Hindi, Croatian, and Rastafari languages. He is a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Golden Key International Honour Society, and other organizations, and resides in Wisconsin, USA.