Mind Games by John Tischer

Mind Games by John Tischer

Mind Games by John Tischer

This book is a mix of John’s pennings on a variety of subjects basically which speaks more on Mind and Thoughts. I am sure, Readers will enjoy reading it.

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Mind Games by John Tischer

  • Publisher : Cyberwit.net (January 9, 2021)
  • Language: : English
  • Paperback : 70 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 9388319575
  • ISBN-13 : 978-9388319577
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This book is a mix of John’s pennings on a variety of subjects basically which speaks more on Mind and Thoughts.  I am sure, Readers will enjoy reading it.

Bill Schefel, Naropa poet, committed suicide July 8, I knew Bill a little…too tender for this world…to sweet…took it all to heart too much.  May be it was because he couldn’t write the poem he needed to, so he used his life instead” as in Another Dead Poet.

Readers will love his thoughts on Life –

In Apotheosis #2, “A moment transfixed by a landscaped not focused on yourself.  A surprise birthday party. You are hired, you are fired, someone gives you a million dollars.  You watch your child being born. You are with your father when he dies.  You realize everything you know is wrong”.  This is called Life!!!

In Burnt Masterpiece, “Take a masterpiece…burn it a little…makes it even better.  Burnt out on struggle, survival, ambition, goals, plans and dreams, schemes for self-improvement, hope that things will get better, so, now, seeing perfection of things as they are”. 

Clued In, “Life is an open secret understood by its clues which are experiences not concepts”.

I loved this line, “There is no status quo in chaos” which he wrote in Chaos is very Good News.  This line has a lot of deep meaning, chaos just happen, anytime and in the way they have to happen.

These lines are just wow, as in “Burning Man Mind; artist mind…yogic mind…father mind…mother mind…ordinary mind…ordinary mind…first thought mind…beginner’s mind…ever mind…takes over the world”. 

Clear Spot, “There is a point where words don’t help, where we must reply on perception…call it being born.  Language is merely afterbirth seas second thought double take square two useful only as afterthought attempt to understand what just happened that becomes history.  Nothing to see here folks, move along”

Church Bells, “Quiet evening sans fiestas and dogs village center murmurs whispers no wind or distant storms bells ring a steady cadence calm space echoes of vastness I wish this could be the last night”.  Village surrounding and environment during the night, so well explained.

Guys; you gotta read his poetry on ColorsDay Off and Celebrating Life; I found it very straight to the point and honest on his explanation of the process of life within the timespan of being young to growing old.

We have paintings, poems, music; captures moments of beauty to be relived.  All that too will be gone.  They only joy is that beauty, humor, love arise wherever the mind does.  Eternity of ephemeral circumstances, serendipity of causality, nothing left to chance, wrote a song about it…want to hear it? Goes like this:”.  These lines are so philosophical but so true.

Empty Mirror, “Some things end, but nothing ever finishes in the tamasha called samsara…ripples of karma echo down the time wave.  We only know we were asleep when we wake up from the dream.”  This explains the Theory of Karma, so well.

Apparent Emptiness, “Nothing is solid, nothing lasts except nothing.  Even the universe is temporary.  Apparently, most think there must be something real…otherwise, we wouldn’t be worried about change and death.  That nagging feeling, that hole inside we cannot fill mocking like Ozymandias is, really, where it’s at: the source and the return”.  We friends have been talking so much on this thing called Emptiness which really is beyond explanation.  And most importantly, each one of us goes through this emptiness.

Though I have given some weightage to some of his poems mentioned above, his other poetry is worth reading and I am very sure that each and every poetry of his gives a different flavor of life.

John, we wish you all the very best and pray that your book travels across continents creating new benchmarks and crosses many milestones and bring you lot of name and fame.   

Best regards,

Shubhaangi Kundalkar

Author – Justaju-In Search of Life