Fortune Written on Wet Grass by Eileen Mish Murphy

Fortune Written on Wet Grass by Eileen Mish Murphy

Fortune Written on Wet Grass by Eileen Mish Murphy

The radiant poems in Eileen Mish Murphy's latest poetic collection

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  • Publisher : Wapshott Press; Illustrated edition (February 5, 2020)
  • Language: : English
  • Paperback : 62 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1942007310
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1942007319
  • Item Weight : 3.36 ounces
  • Dimensions : 6 x 0.14 x 9 inches
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The radiant poems in Eileen Mish Murphy's latest poetic collection "Fortune Written on Wet Grass" are prototypical undoubtedly. There has been a great diffusion of natural beauty among all the poems. Most of the poems portray the true inherent exquisiteness of rain and flowers. There is a prolific description of human beings, plants, flowers, and rainy weather which is quite remarkable as well as soothes the reader’s mind. Quite a few noteworthy poems in this remarkable collection flash true insights of the moments of rainy weather.

The opening poem, Fortune Written on Wet Grass, reveals a wonderful conversation between rain and the poet. The line ‘rain talking to me’ has a great significance of its own. It gives a huge increment in the euphoria of the reader and the way of personifying is really impressive and looks amazing.

Fortune Written on Wet Grass

All over Florida, 

 it's drizzling

 with dazzling monotony.

The rain is warm 

 as a baby's breath

and a sweat drop drools

 down the middle 

 of my shirt

and cradles 

 itself in my cleavage

and I hear 

 the rain 

 talking to me

it says 

 I should lose 

 ten pounds,

clean out my sewers,

 comb my lawn,

 learn jazz piano,

and spruce up 

 this rinky-dink operation—

Hey, rain, 

 can ya hear me?

 I don't mind

being a recluse:

 I’m not leaving 

 this porch—

In The Rain Has Lost Its Mind, the poet aptly expresses the ferocious behaviour of rain because of which ‘Fireflies explode in the night/ Elephants trample the clouds’. ‘Dog hides in the bathtub’ symbolizes a typical rainy weather. ‘I’ m just a wee creature/I find oil lamps/and coax the dog/into their light’ these lines show common acts carried out by people when the weather suddenly gets worse. The poem showcases a typical raining scenario, experienced by the poet.

In The Color of Waiting, the poet shows her curiosity for the tulip bulb to bloom ‘as we don’t know how long/the bursting/will take.’ The poem looks beautiful and flashes the beauty of the tulips’ bulb. How one wouldn’t linger on such a line ‘But tulips in pots/on the porch /take their sweet time’? Sweetness, ecstasy, and elation are the very words to describe this wonderful poem. 

The Color of Waiting

Use blue as a symbol for the time 

it takes a tulip bulb 

to burst into bloom.

A paint swatch on paper 

is more compelling 

than a number—


we don’t know how long 

the bursting 

will take. 



in the ground 

will first 

send up shoots,

Eileen’s poem Nocturne, Catnip and Rain Again shows her remarkable range and vision. She shows her love for nature in her poetry in a well-sophisticated way. Her poems are enlivened by lively intelligence, fascinating natural creatures and evocative experiences. This remarkable poetic collection deserves a lot of love and support from the readers. I wish that author may get exposure along with this book. All the best Eileen!

                                                                                                       ----Rochak Agarwal