Interview with Irene Brodsky

Interview with Irene Brodsky

Interview with Irene Brodsky

In conversation with Karunesh Kumar Agrawal, Managing Editor, Pegasus Literary, Irene Brodsky tells us about her success as an international poet.

Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: Tell us about you and your background.

Irene Brodsky:  I am a 71 year old retired Professor of Philosophy.  I have been writing books since 2001.  Born and raised in Brooklyn New York,  I used  to sing in nightclubs, but I always loved libraries and bookstores. My books are my babies.  I hope they are welome everywhere.


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: What inspires you to write poetry?

Irene Brodsky:  On 9/11/2001, I was inspired to write about the World Trade Center.  My Birthday was the same day.  It took 6 years to write my book and one year to find a publisher. The biggest problem was finding an honest publisher. My one and only favorite Poet is John Burroughs, Poet Laureat of Ohio.


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: When did you start writing poetry?

Irene Brodsky:  My best accomplishment as a poet was the publication of my graduation day poem in the yearbook


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: What is the measure of success as a poet?

Irene Brodsky:  The measure of success as a poet is when you get nice reviews. During my college years I was invited to be in a college poetry group that put on shows twice a year.  With a live audience !!!!!!


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: What are common traps for aspiring writers?

Irene Brodsky: The BIGGEST trap for any writer is when they promise you will be on TV OR they offer to write the Book for you. 


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: Which contemporary poets do you personally believe will be remembered in the coming years and why? 

Irene Brodsky: I am devoted to the poetry of John Burroughs, poet laureate of Ohio. He has a poetry theatre to showcase new poets, and he archived my work, in his Crisis Chronicles Journal.  He will surely be remembered for his kindness and for being a gentleman!!!


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal:  Fiction or non-fiction? Which is easier?

Irene Brodsky: Libraries say I write non fiction and freestyle. I also wrote one play about a Bachelor and Old maid and his mother !!! A very bossy mother !!!


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: Your poems are based on your personal experience or other things such as facts? 

Irene Brodsky:  My poems are based on experiences which can be very emotional My heart is in this precious Book.


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: What is your greatest fear?

Irene Brodsky:  My greatest fear is that we are losing too many book stores.


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: Poetry Unplugged features many good poems. I want to know which one is your best and why?

Irene Brodsky:  My best poem is about the World Trade Center.  I called it The Tallest Twins In memory of the World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2.


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: What is your favourite journey?

Irene Brodsky: My favorite journey was to The Catskill Mountains. Beauty beyond belief to take your breath away. I went every summer and then I went to the POCONO MOUNTAINS, Delaware Water Gap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must be heaven. Seeing is believing. Never forget. Always go back.


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: What is your motivation for writing more?

Irene Brodsky:  I have to keep writing.  I am too old to give up. My next book is a children's book.


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: Your experience of writing the poem "The Tallest Twins". Please express your feelings.

Irene Brodsky: My feeling about the World Trade Center on my birthday was that I must speak for those who could no longer speak. I wanted to create a new World Trade Center up in heaven where we could have that birthday party.!!!!!!!!


Karunesh Kumar Agrawal: Thank you very much Irene Brodsky. 

Irene Brodsky: A pleasure to talk about my baby...... Poetry Unplugged, my first book. Always in my heart.