Sixteen Candles Shine Forever in Memory of Johnny Maestro

Sixteen Candles Shine Forever in Memory of Johnny Maestro

Sixteen Candles Shine Forever in Memory of Johnny Maestro

“SIXTEEN CANDLES SHINE FOREVER IN MEMORY Of JOHNNY MAESTRO” by Irene Brodsky is a tribute to the lead singer for the Crests, the Del-Satins and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Sixteen Candles Shine Forever In Memory of Johnny Maestro Paperback – by Irene Brodsky  (Author)

  • Paperback: 64 pages
  • Publisher: Outskirts Press (January 26, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1432782983
  • ISBN-13: 978-1432782986
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches
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“SIXTEEN CANDLES SHINE FOREVER IN MEMORY Of JOHNNY MAESTRO” by Irene Brodsky is a tribute  to  the lead singer  for the Crests, the Del-Satins and the Brooklyn Bridge. The deepest of Irene’s individual gifts as revealed in this remarkable book is the faculty of  realising the healing power of memories,  and transmitting  her profound sense of   sorrow due to the death of Johnny Maestro. Irene has been a fan of Maestro since 1957. No doubt, the lead singer of The Crests and The Brooklyn Bridge was a powerful genius. It is true, and deeply true. Irene makes it clear in her tribute that his music has universal appeal.

Irene points  out  that an outstanding merit of  The Crests was “ their diverse ethnicity (Italian, African American and Hispanic)”. Irene has unlocked her heart in describing the power of Johnny’s musical flow and his “gorgeous voice that sang to me every night while I fell asleep. I was just a little girl, 11 years old, in elementary school but I loved to sing along with Johnny’s songs.”  Irene is quite right in revealing  that this book “comes from my heart”.

Irene begins her book with a poem IN MEMORY OF JOHNNY MAESTRO. In this poem, we notice that Irene is quite incomparable in revealing her depths and heights of admiration for Johnny Maestro:

Johnny is now on tour in Heaven

To sing for the good Lord & angels up above.

A medley of favorite songs

No sweeter songs could be heard!

The above lines full of deep inspiration substantiate the fact that Irene is a great poet.  Her  poetic thought about  Johnny  Maestro appeals to the readers’ own feelings and stimulates their imagination. The essential point is that in this spontaneous and profoundly emotional poem devoid of any effort of laborious artistry, Irene has revealed the poignant human undertone suggesting that  Jhonny  will always be  immortal, if we care to “Speak often of Johnny / Play his songs every day.” Irene is quite right to affirm that  the pathos of death or oblivion will never cling to him, “if we play his songs every day.” The fact is that the artists and singers like Johnny Maestro are sure of immortality.  “Art is an immortal statement of the mortal” (Brian Eno).

Irene in this extraordinary book has aptly outpoured her emotions and feelings from the core of her soul in her ultimate “tribute  to the one and only Johnny Maestro”.  She also recalls the memory of her  dear brother Herby who loved the musical voice of Johnny Maestro, and played the album by The Crests ceaselessly, day and night.

Irene has also included in her book “Heartfelt Thoughts”  by Johnny’s niece Brittany  about her uncle. …Brittany reveals that though he was suffering from cancer, yet her uncle “felt he owed it to his fans for final song of the evening:

Walk on through the wind

Walk on through the rain

Though you fear’s be tossed blown!

Walk on, walk on

With hope in your heart

And you’ll never walk alone…..!

Shakespeare very aptly says: “When words fail, music speaks.”

We notice that there are a  few singers more interesting than Uncle Johnny. “ In our household, Johnny Maestro was more than just a singer. Quiet, gentle and humble, Johnny was a man who enjoyed home-cooked meals, taking a ride on his boat and, most important to him, spending time with family. Johnny was Uncle Johnny!” (Brittany Conigatti).

Irene is a genius;  to reveal Johnny’s magnificent qualities she has included in her book heartfelt memories of  Mrs. Johnny  Maestro for whom her husband was ‘an angel here on earth.”  If an attempt is made to discover the secret of Johnny’s power , it will be noticed that the chief factor contributing to it is his incomparable compassion and humbleness. “He never had  a bad word to say about  anyone, and if he did, he always kept his opinions to himself”(Mrs. Johnny Maestro).

Irene Brodsky’s remarkable book is further enriched by including highly attractive and artistic photos of Mr. and Mrs. Maestro,  Johhn and Mayor Hatley,  the original Br. Bridge,  Johnny & Br. Bridge, Johnny and Br. Bridge in concert, Johnny & and Bridge through the years.  No doubt,  it is abundant richness  of Irene’s intimate memories of  Johnny Maestro, and therein lies the great attraction of her book.  Jim Cistone, Life-long Fan from Pennsylvania, very aptly remarked: “Johnny had a great gift, an angelic voice that lasted his entire life-time. He could adapt to almost any type of music, and the outcome was assuredly great.”